If you’re willing to put in the work and dedication towards sobriety, then the Health Center of Colorado is here to help you.

We offer extensive care and treatment that can guide you down the path towards a brighter and better future for you and everyone else in your life. To fight against your addiction, it takes willpower, strength, community, learning, discipline, introspection, humility, honesty, and self-awareness.

Take your time, slow and steady wins the race. There is no rush to complete treatment and get back into the world. Our focus is on building mental fortitude to the highest level possible and addressing each issue that has led to an addiction to prevent individuals from returning to substance abuse. It can feel great to be clean, but there are still obstacles that individuals will have to face every day that makes temptation hard to resist.

Make amends with people you have done wrong. During periods of alcohol and other substance abuse, users may not have been on their best behavior. It is likely that someone, or several people, were hurt either physically, mentally, or emotionally by inebriated individuals.

Apologize and make things right, mending broken bridges and healing old wounds. It is easier to move on in life when you know that the damage done in the past has been repaired and restored. It aids in personal growth and restoration of spirit and mental power.

Talk to friends and family about your lifestyle. Have an open dialogue about your needs and expectations as well as their needs and expectations. Being open from the start fosters a sense of trust that aids in keeping individuals honest when they are out of treatment.

Life can be very different from the beginning of addiction and the end of treatment, so it’s important to establish how things are going to work in relationships between friends and family members.

Establish a regular exercise routine. Keep your natural pleasure neurotransmitters flowing by staying active and participating in sports. Going for runs, playing basketball, and swimming are several good ways to get your heart rate up and get you excited for life.

Physical vitality is also important in maintaining good mental health, and good mental health is vital in preventing relapse. Buy some new running shoes or a yoga mat and find a gym near you to keep the body busy and healthy.

Find friends that don’t drink or do drugs. Hang out with sober people that won’t put you in situations where you feel pressured to participate in harmful behaviors. Don’t jeopardize your sobriety to look and feel cool in front of a group of friends.

Keep a positive group of individuals around you. AA and NA meetings are a great place to meet new people and form bonds with others that will last a lifetime. These are people that understand your situation better and can support you.

Keep the body healthy and practice good behaviors to maintain sobriety and have a healthy and balanced life. Fruits and vegetables keep the digestive system functioning, exercise gets the heart rate up, and friends support the journey.