It Will Ruin Your Life

Substance abuse is harmful on many levels. It harms not only the body, but also the mind and ruins your quality of life. When a person is addicted to drugs, they can lose more than they ever imagined. Drugs can cause a lack of cognition, empathy, and mood control causing people to lash out and hurt those around them mentally, physically, or emotionally. Abusing substances also causes the abuse of loved ones and even strangers.


Substance abuse and alcoholism can make individuals extremely unprofessional. Addicted people are often late for work, eventually missing days and not going in at all. When they do go into the workplace they can be groggy, irritable, tired, and slow.

They may not be appropriately dressed for work, like wearing a dirty uniform or wearing inappropriate clothing. This can bother coworkers and supervisory personnel. Any criticism can be taken harshly and end with a notorious display of hostility.

At Home

Home life may also become difficult for both individuals struggling with addiction and their family members. People living in the household avoid saying or doing anything that will set the substance abuser off. Children miss out on the love of a parent due to the individual being wrapped up in drugs or alcohol. Addicted people may struggle at home to hide their stash of bottles or drugs from loved ones.

Marie was a lawyer with a nice house, 2 kids, and a husband that loved her very much. One night while her husband was out of town she fell asleep with the oven on and started a fire that claimed one of her children and burned her badly. She turned to pain medication. She lost her husband and he took custody of their child. Marie turned to our facility for help, and within months she was out in the world and got to see her child again.


School performance suffers dramatically with the introduction of drugs or alcohol. Just like with the workplace, children may skip school more often and eventually stop going. College students can miss vital class information and become isolated during their time at school. Substance abuse social withdrawal, and for students living away from home withdrawal is easy because there is not an immediate support system around them.

Tuition money may end up going towards harmful substances or alcohol. Car accidents with the younger generation are common, and with the introduction of substances that impair cognition, driving becomes extremely dangerous. Teens and young adults are much more likely to get into car accidents when they are impaired.

Drugs and alcohol ruin every single part of life. It can lead to car accidents, injury, academic failure, homelessness, legal trouble, and even death. Many users of substances steal from their friends and family to support their habit or break into homes.

It can make you violent and result in charges like robbery and assault. It’s not worth losing everything you have in life to chase a destructive feeling of artificial pleasure. Seek help before it takes you or a loved one down a dark path.

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