The Health Center of Colorado implements different forms of treatment to address any problems an individual is currently facing. Our treatment program features the latest in psychotherapy techniques as well as art therapy, group therapy, confidence-building activities, and more. We specialize in the treatment and recovery of substance abuse and any co-occurring disorders that may accompany substance dependence.

We employ highly trained staff that works closely with all patients to ensure they get the best treatment possible. The treatment center takes special note of everything the resident says, and therapy can be centered around pressing issues. Patients trust our staff, so they know they have a safe space full of people that only want to support them on their journey to sobriety.

Our methods have been proven to reduce the occurrence of relapse in residents once they leave the treatment facility. Once treatment has been completed, and the patient is released we keep in touch with them through an aftercare program. The aftercare program provides former residents with the resources they need to adjust to the outside world, avoid being tempted by bad influences, and seek support whenever they need it.

The most effective treatments address not only a patient’s substance use but also the underlying causes and all other needs of the patient. Treating only the substance abuse does not stop an individual from returning to the drug – making them face the reality of their lives and figure out why they turn to the drug will.

Our treatment plans are reviewed often, and with every review, we seek to find where any modifications need to be made. Because our staff works so closely with the residents at our facility, we know when modifications need to be made before treatment starts to stagnate or go backward. If an individual begins to feel as though they are not getting what they need from treatment, they may resent their stay and want to leave before they are finished with the program. We listen to residents and make sure we give them a voice for the entire duration of their stay at our center.

We are committed to helping individuals that seek freedom from their substance abuse, whether it be to alcohol or some other harmful substance. Our patients come first, and we seek to give them exactly what they need to successfully complete their treatment program and regain their quality of life.